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SWATHISociety for Welfare Awakening Training & Health Implementation (India)
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With the news of successful treatment of Fatima spreading in Pakistan, five more babies from across the border have come to LVPEI for treatment of the same problem, Dr Swathi said.
Swathi said: "Komal Kali, the bank's unique recurring deposit product for girl children can also be opened through BMB smart banking.
As a graduate of The Institute for Functional Medicine's Certification Program (IFMCP), Swathi Rao is uniquely trained in the functional medicine model to identify and treat the root causes of chronic disease.
The festival held at the SDC premises in Salata area of Doha recently was focused on the compositions of Swathi Thirunal as well as the classical music that developed in southern states of India.
During the opening ceremony in Mangaluru, Swathi has stressed that though the bank serves both men and women customers, it is focused on lending to the women clients chiefly.
The new system will come into play along with Swathi, a home- made weapon locating radar ( WLR) that is expected to be inducted in a year's time.
In 1984, wellknown Telugu director Kranthi Kumar made one such bold attempt with Swathi, which won the Best Film Nandi award from Andhra Pradesh government.
Under 16 Girls: Swathi Jayaprakash X F, Arzoo Waheed Sattikar X D, Niharika Ranawat X B, Supraja Krishnan VIII I.
Tenders are invited for laying of ugd pipelines from existing culvert (near swathi residency) to ep no.
Thiruvananthapuram: Rarely has an entire state so keenly followed the health fortunes of a girl as Kerala has this past week, hoping and praying that the liver transplant surgery for 16-year-old Swathi will be successful.
DPS bowler Swathi Rajdan's fine spell of 3 for 15 went in vain.
Ms Varma married into the Travancore royal family to Prince Poorurttathi Thirunal Marthanda Varma, a descendent of Maharaja Swathi Thirunal.