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SNFASyndicat National de la Construction des Fenêtres, Façades et Activités Associées (French: National Union of the Construction of Windows, Facades, and Associated Activities)
SNFASovereign Net Foreign Assets (economics)
SNFASwedish National Food Administration
SNFASalmon Net Fishing Association (UK)
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This indicates good compliance with the recommendations issued by the Swedish National Food Administration to refrain from eating certain predatory fish species during pregnancy and lactation.
Four months ago, scientists at the Swedish National Food Administration in Stockholm and Stockholm University announced the first detection of acrylamide in a host of fried and baked goods, especially potato chips and french fries (SN: 5/4/02, p.
Three Swedish companies received hormone-polluted sugar solution from the Belgian company Bioland around the end of 1999 and start of 2000, according to the Swedish national food administration.
The Italian olive oil producer Salov has filed a lawsuit against the Swedish National Food Administration in three Swedish courts.
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