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''She tries to pretend that she is his grandmother or aunt or sometimes she just tries to trick her way backstage by putting on the sweet little old lady thing.
"I know this sweet little old lady - she's 90 and she's cold, can you help her?
As it turns out, this sweet little old lady used to whip the tar out of her foster child, Henry Thomas, "to break his spirit." Now the grownup Henry Thomas (Jamie Bennett), fresh out of prison for an act of drunken brutality, has come home to attend Miss Kate's funeral.
A SWEET little old lady who looked like she wouldn't harm a fly was standing outside Parliament holding a placard and handing out leaflets.
You might see a sweet little old lady tootling past in her sweet little old lady's car.
THAT "sweet little old lady" Melita Norwood should be prosecuted for treason.
You see that sweet little old lady at the bus stop?