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Swift-boating: During Senator John Kerry's bid to unseat President Bush in 2004, a 527 group (see 527s) called Swift Boat Veterans for Truth ran ads trying to discredit Kerry's Vietnam War record.
But notwithstanding the comments you made, you did see fit to contribute a very significant sum of money to the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth.
They were paid consultants, for instance, to the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth last year, although they are most known for attacking fellow Republicans.
An organization called Swift Boat Veterans for Truth focused on minor details in Kerry's military record to raise questions about it.
Also, message-specific "527s," such as the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, will likely play a more prominent role in future elections.
We were originally struck by the mainstream media's attempt to ignore the issues raised by John O'Neill and the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth regarding John Kerry's military service and antiwar activities.
A week before November 2, the New York Times bestseller list was as politically divided and obsessed as the country: Liberal comedian Jon Stewart beat out conservative polemicist Ann Coulter for the top spot, followed at numbers 6, 7, 8, and 10 by the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth sensation Unfit for Command, published by the conservative house Regnery; Regnery's pro-Bush Shadow War; Michael Moore's will They Ever Trust Us Again?
The Swift Boat Veterans for Truth had claimed there'd been no firefight there and that the Vietcong killed by Kerry was a boy.
Professor Nagel's conscience was able to stretch back seven years to catch on a self-contradiction, but in all the media coverage I read of the ads by the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth in August--coverage that was almost nonexistent until Kerry realized he had to answer them--I didn't notice anyone who could even remember as far back as seven months.
Today, the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth and their Republican backers focus much of their fire on Kerry's statement about atrocities, which was based on a report by 150 veterans several months before his Senate testimony.
Mr Kerry reportedly lashed out at campaign manager Mary Beth Cahill over the failure to react faster to claims by a group of anti-Kerry Vietnam veterans, called Swift Boat Veterans For Truth.