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The programme includes hymns such as All things bright and beautiful and God be in My Head and among several spirituals Swing Low Sweet Chariot, Balm in Gilead and Down by the Riverside.
Swing Low Sweet Chariot, the unofficial anthem h n of the English Rugby Union team, and sung by Beyonce, is inspired by the story of Elijah's ascension to heaven in a chariot of fire.
The strains of Swing Low Sweet Chariot from English fans at the end rubbed salt into the wounds.
By the time the match started, the Twickenham faithful were in full voice belting out their unofficial anthem Swing Low Sweet Chariot which pretty well drowned out the Fijians' version of the haka, which, from the Fijian point of view was a shame, as its hard to appear menacing when 80,000 people start singing a song about sweet chariots, just when you are offering blood curdling threats and pretending to wave an imaginary spear.
After a few more jigs, the only Englishman in the bar requested Swing Low Sweet Chariot.
Walking into the Gabba for that first Test to be confronted by that sea of red, and to hear everything from Swing Low Sweet Chariot to the Fields of Athenry and Flower of Scotland, we had to do something.
The set of five songs also included Feel, Angels and Come Undone which had a special verse of Swing Low Sweet Chariot included to pay homage to the home of English rugby.
Also included are movie tracks such as Down By The Riverside from Frankie And Johnny, Swing Low Sweet Chariot from The Trouble With Girls, Sing You Children from Easy Come Easy Go and Let Us Pray from Change Of Habit.
They will include Tiger Tiger, Swing Low Sweet Chariot and Bohemian Rhapsody.
As images of the two teams lined up in the tunnel filled the big screen, cries of "Come on England" were followed by an impassioned chorus of Swing Low Sweet Chariot.
The Swing Low Sweet Chariot rugby anthem confuses me, though, because it brings Jordan into the equation ("I looked over Jordan and what did I see?
Yesterday pupils and staff from the school took to the chapel steps to record their own rendition of Swing Low Sweet Chariot as a powerful message of support for the 21-year-old.