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a consulting and research firm, forecasts robust prescription-to-O-T-C switch activity over the next five years with several new O-T-C categories emerging along with many new brands entering the market in existing categories.
Anticipation of a resurgence in switch activity surfaced in the late 1990s after Wellpoint petitioned the FDA to make Claritin, Allegra and Zyrtec available over the counter.
With these new steps by the FDA to increase switch activity, drug companies will need to take a close look at what has already occurred in international markets to better prepare for impending switches in the U.
Like others in the industry, Russell relates that switch activity has fallen off since the heightened pace of the 1990s, when nicotine replacement therapy products, H2 acid reducers, vaginal yeast infection treatments and several other products moved from prescription-to O-T-C status.
Clearly one of the biggest factors favoring the development of that trust has been the prescription-to over-the-counter switch activity during those decades.