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The Model 6315 features a key lock on the front panel to provide added security of the switch control by disabling front panel pushbuttons.
The switch control module can be mounted out of the way in the console or under the dash, well out of the harsh effects of a saltwater environment.
Chi-Chuan Hwang added that CK-Star is the most unique switchless cluster supercomputer compared to traditional cluster supercomputer which requires switch control to control interaction between nodes.
Four of those shredders feature the innovative Easy Switch control element and OSS safety features, making them safe and easy to use.
Enhancements include improved diaphragm durability, increased vacuum and pressure performance, and upgraded switch control. The Air Cadet is particularly well-suited for both high-flow and low-flow applications where compact, chemical resistant, and economical pumps are needed.
This module offers a single supply voltage and positive supply diversity switch control that simplifies bias requirements.
Many battery-powered toys adapted for external switch control can be used by children with disabilities who want to participate in make-believe play with their friends.
VistaView offers real-time network monitoring capabilities, and in a later release scheduled for 1999 - switch control through Web browsers.
A large showroom features the latest fan styles, replacement glass program displays and Encon's Smart Switch control merchandising display.
If you can move your head less than an inch, you now have several choices to operate both MS-DOS and Macintosh computers: voice control, tongue control, or switch control.
DCC-3014 was purposefully designed using the company's proprietary switch control inhibitor platform to be a highly-specific macrophage immunomodulatory agent.
For head motion controls, go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Physical and motor > Switch Control > Switches > Add new switch > Source screen > Camera > Left head movement > Action screen > Siri option.