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SaZSoldat Auf Zeit (German)
SaZSpiele Autoren Zunft (German: Game Designer Association; Germany)
SaZSports Action Zone (UK)
SaZSpecial Administrative Zone (various locations)
SaZStandards Association of Zimbabwe
SaZSpaniens Allgemeine Zeitung (German: General of Spain; Internet newspaper)
SaZSynaptic Active Zone (neurology)
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The number of synapses, the width of each synaptic cleft, the thickness of the postsynaptic density, the length of the synaptic active zone, the chord length, and the arc length of the postsynaptic membrane were measured.
For example, the treatment increased the number of synapses, the percentage of perforated synapses, the synaptic active zone length, the PSD thickness, and the synaptic curvature while narrowing the synaptic cleft and reducing the percentage of flat synapses.
(d) Length of synaptic active zone. (e) Percentage of perforated synapses.