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From 1999 to 2003, Tsipras served as the secretary of Synaspismos Youth.
Syriza, the Coalition of the Radical Left, was created in 2004 from the merger of 17 left parties, becoming the successor to an older left grouping, Synaspismos. Syriza's own origins can be found in Eurocommunism and the split that took place in 1968 in the Greek Communist Party between reformers and orthodox Communists.
A commencer par l'identite meme de Syrisa qui avant de faire son apparition sur l'echiquier politique en tant que coalition de gauche en 2002, puis en tant que parti en 2013, est constitue dans son noyau d'une composante communiste, le Synaspismos, influencee par les theses d'Eurocommunisme; Celles-ci sont mises en avant a l'epoque par les novateurs du PCF et surtout par les communistes du PC italien dont la these majeure est -tenez-vous bien- l'integration europeenneet en plus, bien sur de la rupture avec le schema stalinien de la seule alternative au capitalisme, est la dictature du proletariat.
Well, the old men bit of the prediction was undoubtedly satirical, whereas Greece leaving the Eurozone after handing over power to SYRIZA (Synaspismos tis Rizospastikis Aristeras -- Coalition of the Radical Left) seems increasingly likely.
In the early 2000s the 'left turn' in Synaspismos (the largest of the groupings that joined to form SYRIZA) had been forged through debates with the right of party on the issue of 'governmentalism'.
In one of its posts, criticism is expressed against some practices in the Greek parliament and the former president and ex-deputy of the former Synaspismos left party who still maintains an open office in parliament and has hired a clerk to run it.
Aleka Papariga, the general secretary of the Communist Party (KKE), refused to even meet with the Prime Minister, while leading leftist Alexis Tsipras, president of the Synaspismos political party and head of SYRIZA parliamentary group, called the reform package "criminal" and called for early elections.
Political parties: Panhellenic Socialist Movement (PASOK), New Democracy (ND), Communist Party of Greece (KKE), Popular Orthodox Rally (LAOS), and Coalition of the Left (SYNASPISMOS).
Nikos Konstantopoulos, former leader of the Synaspismos party, was a surprise pick as the new supremo.
Dimitris Papadimoulis, an MP from the left-wing Synaspismos, says that a name with a geographical identifier, such as "Northern Republic of Macedonia" is "in line with common sense" and holds that this compromise formula could spell the end of the conflict in both countries' interest.