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SCDMASynchronous Code Division Multiple Access
SCDMASynchronous Cdma
SCDMAScale-Code Division Multiple Access (electrical engineering)
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"Multiuser detection based modified PSO algorithm for synchronous CDMA system", Springer, Neural Computer and Application, 23: 751-760.
Aaron Gullver, "A practical rake combining scheme for synchronous CDMA systems", IEEE Communications Society / WCNC 2005.
4G technologies such as WiMax and LTE (Long-Term Evolution), and the Chinese-developed TD-SCDMA (Time-Division Synchronous CDMA) system are not included today.
Its Ripwave system, while based on proprietary time division duplexing technology known as multi-carrier synchronous CDMA, is designed with similar applications in mind to 802.16.
APPLY THE SYNCHRONOUS CDMA (code division multiplex access) standard to wireless, enabling support for four full-duplex DSSS (direct sequence spread spectrum) channels for T1/E1 rate wireless communications between two line-of-sight locations.
Total re-use of spectrum in adjacent cells assumes the adoption of a synchronous CDMA (S-CDMA) technique.
<p>Dopod is also developing an Android handset that supports the 3G standard being promoted by China Mobile, TD-SCDMA (Time Division Synchronous CDMA).
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