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SYNDETSynthetic Detergent
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So, for example, from Table 6 for detergent 4 we find that while the actual detergent has 17 washes, the synthetic detergent has 17.03 washes (and a similar interpretation holds for other characteristics as well).
In late 1947, Procter's president, Richard Deupree had assured shareholders that "there is small chance of synthetic detergents replacing soap products to any marked degree." But in the following internal debate, top management did not flinch in its support of Tide.
Technical advances in synthetic chemistry during World Wars I and II led to rapid innovations in the 1940s and 1950s, including the introduction of the first synthetic amphoteric surfactant (General Mills); the first glycerin bar soap (Neutrogena), which reduced pH; the development of Syndet, a synthetic detergent that further reduced pH (Unilever and Dove); and, finally, the introduction of the first ethoxylated sorbitan laurate (Polysorbate 20).
Colgate has indicated that it's concentrating on research and development of combination bar soaps and synthetic detergent bar soaps.
Tenders are invited for Liquid synthetic detergent.
synthetic detergent 40 050 kg, indicated by the participants3.
synthetic detergent powder viksan-avtomat or analog 600 kg, 1 015 byn
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