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SNTSafer Neighbourhood Team (UK)
SNTSocial Norms Theory (psychology)
SNTSign-on Table
SNTSpecial Needs Trust (aka Supplemental Needs Trust; estate planning)
SNTSupplemental Needs Trust (aka Special Needs Trust; estate planning)
SNTScalable Network Technologies, Inc.
SNTSannat (postal locality, Malta)
SNTSerial Number Tracking
SNTSimplified Needs Test
SNTSurgical Navigation Technologies (Medtronic)
SNTSerum Neutralization Test
SNTSakhalin Neftegas Technology (Russia)
SNTSensitive Nuclear Technology
SNTSystem Network Test
SNTSistema Nacional de Telecomunicações (Portuguese: National Telecommunications System; Brazil)
SNTSo Not True
SNTSchmidt-Newtonian Telescope (coated-lens Newtonian telescope)
SNTShow, Not Tell (also seen as S/NT)
SNTSoft, Non-Tender
SNTStudent Nurse Technician
SNTSeasonal Normal Temperature
SNTSustainable Now Technologies (California)
SNTShip'n Track
SNTSurvivable Network Technology
SNTSoftair National Team (airsoft club; France)
SNTSignaling Network Test
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Alternative splicing of dystrobrevin regulates the stoichiometry of syntrophin binding to the dystrophin protein complex.
Dystroglycan is not required for localization of Dystrophin, syntrophin, and neuronal NO - synthase at the sarcolemma but regulates integrin a -7B expression and caveolin - 3 distribution.
In the presence of either cholera toxin or pertussis toxin, syntrophin immune complexes from unstimulated sperm contain both dynein and syntrophin (Fig.
The cytoskeleton and the extracellular matrix are joined together by dystrophin-glycoprotein complex (DGC) that is comprised of intracellular proteins such as dystrophin syntrophins, and the sarcolemmal proteins named dystroglycans, sarcoglycans, and sarcospan.