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SUBelarus (ISO Country Identifier)
SUStart Up (various organizations)
SUStanford University (Stanford, CA)
SUSteven Universe (series)
SUSoviet Union
SUSupervisory (duties)
SUAeroflot (airline code)
SUSyracuse University (Syracuse, NY)
SUSingle Unit (truck)
SUSudbury (Ontario city)
SUStudents' Union
SUSoftware Update
SUStudent Union
SUStorage Unit
SUStockholm University (Sweden)
SUSources and Uses
SUSingle User
SUScrew You
SUSouthern University
SUShut Up
SUSketchUp (Google application)
SUSonic Unleashed (video game)
SUSeattle University
SUSydney University (Sydney, Australia)
SUStetson University
SUService Unit
SUSiliman University (Philippines)
SUSub Unit (USMC)
SUStumble Upon (website)
SUStraight Up
SUSummer Universiade (sporting event)
SUSurface Unit
SUSunnuntai (Finnish: Sunday)
SUSilpakorn University (Bangkok, Thailand)
SUSalisbury University
SUSabanci University (Istanbul, Turkey)
SUStroke Unit (medicine)
SUStandard Unit
SUSouthwestern University (Georgetown, Texas)
SUScripture Union
SUSpace Unit
SUSwitch User (Linux)
SUSofia University (Sofia, Bulgaria)
SUSahlgrenska Universitetssjukhuset (Gothenburg, Sweden hospital)
SUShenandoah University (Winchester, VA, USA)
SUSusquehanna University (Selinsgrove, PA)
SUShippensburg University
SUSuperb Used (philately)
SUStrayer University
SUSensor Unit
SUSamford University (Birmingham, AL, USA)
SUShepherd University (Shepherdstown, WV)
SUShiraz University
SUStatens Uddannelsesstøtte (state education grant and loan scheme in Denmark)
SUSignal Unit (CCS #7 ITU-T)
SUSullivan University (Lexington, Kentucky)
SUSims Unleashed (game)
SUSwitching Unit
SUSkinners Union
SUSubscriber Unit
SUSiehe Unten (German: see below)
SUSearch Unit (US DoD)
SUSignaling Unit
SUSpringfield University (The Simpsons)
SUSchreiner University (Kerrville, Texas)
SUSub Urban Area (terrain type)
SUSituational Understanding (US Army)
SUSouth Underground
SUSpousal Unit
SUSonic Underground (TV show)
SUSpecial Unitary (mathematics; group theory)
SUScoville Unit (heat level of chili peppers)
SUService Uniform (US Navy)
SUSihala Urumaya (political party, Sri Lanka)
SUShareholders United (campaigning to keep Manchester United independent)
SUSupply-Use (tables)
SUCanceled-To-Order (special philatelic cancel; hobby usage)
SUSelectable Unit (IBM)
SUStockist Undertaking (UK)
SUSamakhodnaya Ustanovka (Soviet self-propelled gun)
SUSvar Udbedes (Danish: Reply Requested, on invitations)
SUSiegburg/Rhein-Sieg-Kreis (German license plate)
SUStat Unit
SUSukhoi, Pavel Osipovich (aircraft designer)
SUSubresolution Attenuated
SUSafe, Undetected Failure
SUSindh University Jamshoro (Pakistan)
SUSulphonyl Urea (herbicide)
SUSpitali Ushtarak (Albanian: Military Hospital)
SUSociety of the Sisters of St. Ursula (religious order)
SUSubmarine Unqualified
SUSurd'Universo ( Portugal)
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This critical federal investment will give Syracuse University the opportunity to support tomorrows business owners and innovators right here in Central New York, said Senator Schumer.
Led by Syracuse University, SyracuseCoE engages faculty, students and collaborators to catalyze innovations that improve energy efficiency, environmental quality and resilience in healthy buildings and cleaner, greener communities.
Syracuse University cross-walked the course instruction of FM 101, ACC, and ECC to the Department of Defense Financial Management Certification Program requirements in 2014.
A team of library staff from the Special Collections Research Center and Library Information Technology worked collaboratively to develop the new website, which began as a joint project of the Syracuse University Library and the Plastics History & Artifacts Committee (PHAC) of the Plastics Pioneers Association.
Ensemble Video is an award-winning video management platform recognized for a suite of features developed with participation from higher education institutions, including Syracuse University, the University of Illinois, Clemson University, and Colgate University.
A longtime assistant basketball coach at Syracuse University has been put on administrative leave after police reopened an investigation of alleged inappropriate behavior with a ball boy.
The Times reported that the book, "Flight From Terror," which Stern co-authored with its subject, Otto Strasser, "impressed officials at Syracuse University enough to grant Stern a bachelor's degree.
In the mid-1980s, he decided to go back to school, this time to study writing at Syracuse University in upstate New York, where he worked with Tobias Wolff and Douglas Unger.
Rose, Syracuse University, and the University of New York with a Doctorate in Counseling, is a Registered Nurse, trained in Meditation, certified as a Legal Nurse Consultant and Licensed in Counseling), Twice Forgotten: A Field Manual For Survival identifies and explains of the realities of hospitalization, including the strengths and weaknesses of the modern hospital system.
Among reports of discrimination and tragedy there was one about Syracuse University banning a Merit Badge Day program from its campus because the Scouts' ban on openly gay members violates the school's antidiscrimination policy.
A new scholarship program designed to provide financial assistance to Haudenosaunee people wanting to study at Syracuse University in New York State will be available to students on both sides of the Canada/U.
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