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SYSPLEXSystem Complex
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Had G development been seriously delayed, or had Sysplex simply not worked, IBM would have lost many customers.
With the introduction of the Parallel Sysplex architecture, organisations could augment their mainframe power by adding additional mainframe processors.
The monitor uses the same interface as other Landmark TMON products to allow the viewing of integrated performance data from Landmark's suite of OS/390 products running on multiple MVS images across the sysplex. From one workstation, you can easily access CICS, DB2, IMS, MVS, TCP/IP, or VTAM data to quickly monitor performance and improve productivity.
Across distances up to 50 kilometers, enterprises can simultaneously utilize ATM, coupling link, enterprise system connectivity (ESCON), Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, fiber distributed data interface (FDDI), Fibre Channel, FICON, Gigabit Ethernet, SONET, EMC symmetrix remote data facility (EMC SRDF), sysplex timer, and other high-speed, proprietary applications without impact on network performance.
The data is still readily available if needed and could even be in the same DB2 database if operational Sysplex (IBM technology for clustering mainframes on S/390 technology) is merged with data warehousing Sysplex (unique to the S/390).
Ed Shultz, M.D., director of information technology integration at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, says his organization is replacing its aging mainframe with IBM's S/390 Parallel Sysplex architecture, in which multiple S/390 mainframes are clustered together.
Sysplex: IBM's arrangement of systems and connectivity technology that allows processors in the mainframe complex to share work loads.
The solution includes a new IBM z10 mainframe and the upgrade of Kazakh Railways' existing z9 mainframe connected by a Parallel Sysplex. It also includes two high-end DS8700 disk storage subsystems, FICON/SAN directors and two TS3500 tape libraries.
IBM said that it had utilised the mainframe's Parallel Sysplex technology and successfully implemented the system migration from System z990 without interrupting KEB Card's business.