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SBUSSystem Bus
SBUSSoftware Blocking Unblocking Sending
SBUSSerial Bus
SBUSSecond Bank of the United States (1816-1836)
SBUSSub Business Unit
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The other type of the open building system bus is the EIB/KNX.
Based on the Intel 945G/P Express chipset, this mainstream ATX form factor (12" x 9.5") board supports one Intel Pentium D Processor featuring two processing cores with a 1066/800/533 MHz system bus, 4GB unbuffered DDR2-667/533/400 SDRAM, a user Over-Clock feature in the system BIOS, PCI-Express 1x16/2x1, 4 32-bit PCI, 4 SATA ports (3 Gbps), 8 USB 2.0 ports, onboard AC97 audio (front header), single PCI-Express Gigabit LAN, and Integrated Gfx Graphics (PDSLA only).
Reality Station's system bus has a bandwidth of 1.2 GB per second, while the I/O subsystem has a bandwidth of 320 MB per second.
The ADU CPU module consists of a single CPU chip, a 256KB secondary cache, and an interface to the system bus. All CPU modules in the system are identical.
Data transfer to and from I/O boards is still achieved via a system bus, as with multiprocessor systems.
* Support of 2 primary system bus interfaces: PCI Express xl and USB 2.0.
It uses an Intel[R] E7501 chipset that supports a Pentium[R] M processor with a 400 MHz or 533 MHz system bus. Networking capabilities include up to four fiber gigabit Ethernet ports that use two Intel[R] 82546EB dual Ethernet controllers.
The Express5800/320Lb features 2 Intel Xeon MP 2.4 GHz processors each with a 400MHz system bus and 512KB second cache memory module, enabling expansion of up to 3GB memory and up to 311.1GB of hard disk drive space that supports Ultra 160 SCSI.
The Intel Celeron M processor 340 includes a 512KB cache, a frequency of 1.5GHz, a 400MHz system bus and operates at a lower core voltage.
Advanced Micro Devices Inc is working with Concord, Massachusetts-based Alpha Processor Inc on the system bus architecture to be used first in its 64-bit Sledgehammer system bus architecture, disclosed earlier this week.
All versions feature a 400MHz processor system bus and 512KB of level 2 cache.