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SQSSimple Queue Service (Amazon)
SQSSoftware Quality Systems (software quality and testing)
SQSShared Questionnaire System (software)
SQSSector Qualifications Strategy (UK)
SQSSediment Quality Standards (WA State)
SQSService Quality System
SQSSoftware Quality Standard
SQSSales, Quality and Service
SQSSchool Quality Standards (Vermont)
SQSSpatial Query Server
SQSSupplemental Qualifications Statement
SQSSingle Queueing Station
SQSStudent Quality Society (University of Wisconsin)
SQSSupplier Quality Surveillance
SQSShuqun Secondary School (Singapore)
SQSStanding Quad Stretch (stretching exercise)
SQSSkill Qualification Score
SQSSystems Qualification Specification
SQSSeparable Quantum State
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