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In a previous study by Stone and Deleo, [2] 6 months of practice results in drop of 9/8 mmHg in mean systolic/diastolic B.P in supine position and drop of 15/10 mmHg was found in standing positions.
Table-III: Over sleeve and below rolled-up sleeve systolic/diastolic blood pressure measurements in terms of the participants' socio-demographic characteristics.
At the 0.1% dose, the mean reduction in the systolic/diastolic ratio in uteroplacental blood flow was 68% of the baseline value, indicating improved blood flow.
Measures recorded included: peak systolic velocity; end diastolic velocity; time averaged velocity; flow rate; lumen diameter; and two indices of vascular impedance, the Pourcelot or resistance index and the systolic/diastolic ratio (McDicken, 1991).
Systolic/diastolic blood pressures were measured after a ten minute rest.
As the pregnancy progresses, diastolic flow increases, and the systolic/diastolic ratio should gradually decrease.
Though the relationship between BNP and left and right ventricular functions have been elucidated in patients with systolic heart failure (10), the diagnostic value of BNP in prediction of right and left ventricular systolic/diastolic functions in patients with acute heart failure is not well established and literature data are controversial (11).
Blood pressure (mm Hg, systolic/diastolic) at enrollment was 137 +/- 2/86 +/- 1 in prehypertensives and 148 +/- 2/96 +/- 1 in stage 1 hypertensive subjects.
The patients were a mix of those with systolic hypertension and systolic/diastolic hypertension.
At admission, the average systolic/diastolic blood pressure was 143/80 mm Hg in both groups; mean urinary protein to creatinine ratio was 1,971 mg/gCr in the telmisartan group vs.
At admission, the average systolic/diastolic blood pressure was 143 / 80 mm Hg in both groups; mean urinary protein:creatinine ratio was 1,971 mg/gCr in the telmisartan group vs.
But he noted that in the preterm fetus, the duration of fetal movement is less, and there may be a higher systolic/diastolic ratio on Doppler.