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Secondly, the interim T-1 process was costing more than $30 per shipment in order to pay air carriers to issue the transit document, when a NATO Form 302 had to be issued at destination anyway to declare the cargo duty free.
If A can run fast enough, he can dash downfield for a square pass from T-1.
One Ethernet platform enables service providers to reach profitability sooner since they can provision numerous services over existing T-1 lines or low-grade twisted pair wiring with VDSL.
But the new Terminator 2 3-D attraction starring the ultimate spider from hell and now being built at Universal Studios Hollywood already has proven every bit as much of a technical challenge for its creators as the T-1,000,000 is for the show's protagonists.
Each card operates independently, monitoring the T-1 or E-1 circuits and determining the best path, based on user supplied parameters.
The T-APS can be powered by A/C or 48VDC sources and is designed for data or fractional voice applications in standard RJ45 T-1 and E-1 (120 Ohm) connections.
By comparison, T-1 and SDSL services provide a broadband connection of up to 1.
Existing customers with T-1 connections and multi-site networks are stepping down to less expensive alternatives that meet their bandwidth and quality-of-service requirements.
When we outgrew our T-1 line with a national ISP, we looked for a new service provider to provide higher bandwidth, lower prices and above all, better customer service," said Brad Morrison, Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of Caspian Group.
Those companies looking for reliability for their mission critical applications will more than likely choose T-1 services which provides a full and dedicated 1.
Cable & Wireless (NYSE:CWP), the global telecommunications group, today announced the availability of its new bundled T-1 Internet access services based on new Multi-Link Point-to-Point Protocol (MLPPP) standards.
PSINet will utilize the new Series 7000 to move access closer to our customers at distributed points of presence (POPs) and will offer the companion Series 1000 CPE products to customers who are beginning to demand symmetric Frame Relay services in the bandwidth gap between T-1 and T-3 data rates.