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T-1First-Year Tulane Medical Student
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(16) We then construct OVER as the average of the two decile ranks for each firm at the end of year t-1 and rescale it to range from 0 to 1.
[DUAL.sub.t-1] is a dummy variable which takes 1 if the CEO simultaneously holds the chairman position at year t-1 and 0 otherwise.
Columns (l)-(3) report regressions for firm-years in which the year t-1 annual change in the SEC's budget was above the sample median, whereas Columns (4)(6) report regressions for firm-years in which the year t-1 annual change in SEC budget is below the sample median.
* Errors in forecasted changes in the budget balance and in the public debt for country i in year t, E[B.sup.t,t-1.sub.i,t] and [EDebt.sup.t,t-1.sub.i,t] the observed change in year t minus the forecasted change in year t-1;
T-1 DIA service is delivered over either a single T-1 circuit (1.5 Mbps) or two bonded T-1 circuits (3 Mbps) and requires a router with one or two T-1 WAN interfaces.
[DELTA][REC.sub.t-1] = scaled change in receivables in year t-1 (i.e., (-[REC.sub.t-1] + [REC.sub.t-2]/[ta.sub.t-1]),
The T-1 was past the upwind numbers and passing 700 for 3,000 feet.
It is natural to choose special reference vectors for the measure of technical progress defined by (9) : a Laspeyres type measure xLt that chooses the period t-1 reference vectors [p.sup.t-1] and [x.sup.t-1] and a Paasche type measure xPt that chooses the period t reference vectors [p.sup.t] and [x.sup.t]:
The corresponding inputs were introduced to the ANN with 1 hour time delay (t-1) to predict energy consumption at time (t).
The new GG&G mount allows the easy transfer of the T-1 from the basic Aimpoint mount to the GG&G base which includes integral lens covers so the scope is more protected and eliminates a weakness of the T-1--that being the loose elastic-type protective covers.
Secondly, the interim T-1 process was costing more than $30 per shipment in order to pay air carriers to issue the transit document, when a NATO Form 302 had to be issued at destination anyway to declare the cargo duty free.