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T-2Trichothecene (Mycotoxin)
T-2Second-Year Tulane Medical Student
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For the last 20 years of its career, the T-2 served alongside the T-34C Turbo Mentor and the TA-4J Skyhawk, and later the T-45 Goshawk, when it came to training naval aviators and naval flight officers that found themselves in the strike fighter training pipeline.
T-2 customers will also be able to access a range of social content and services called DEETS (Dynamic Ecosystem Enabled Text Services).
T-2 is the leading alternative provider of telecommunications services for residential and business subscribers in Slovenia with its main office in Ljubljana offering its customers quad play services on DSL, FttH and mobile networks.
T-2 offers Internet service with a subscriber capacity up to 1Gbps on its FttH network, IP telephony service, IP TV service with more than 300 TV channels and time shift, video on demand and mobile service including mobile TV.
We also expect share turnover in the previous three quarters, Turnover T-5, T-2, which we define as the number of shares traded between T-5 and T-2 divided by the number of shares outstanding at time T-2, to be positively associated with a firm's litigation risk.
A firm's litigation likelihood is expected to be positively related to a firm's systematic risk, measured by the firm's beta relative to the CRSP NYSE/Amex/Nasdaq equally weighted index between time T-5 and T-2, and to be negatively related to the firm's return skewness during that time period.
In January, an outside consultant informed the school that four subject-area departments, including the one headed by T-2, did not meet state qualifications.
On 11 February 2000, one of the newspapers published a board rejoinder to T-2's letters, which noted that T-2 had become an "educational gadfly" only upon not getting his way on his coaching salary and that he had been involved in similar disputes, including letter-writing campaigns, with previous employers.
A final page in the T-2's history, was turned on 15 July 2003 at 1700 when CVN 75 air boss Commander Robert P.
8: A passes to T-2 who returns the ball with a back-pass.
T-2 may also run to the other side for a square pass and a shot.
Laboratory rats survived when given the antitoxin either shortly before or after T-2 toxin injection.