T-AGOStactical auxiliary general ocean surveillance (US DoD)
T-AGOSMilitary Sealift Command (MSC) Oceanographic Research Ship
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The deal includes the operation and maintenance of five T-AGOS and up to two T-AGM ocean surveillance ships.
Navy programs such as the T-AGOS 13-18 ocean surveillance ships, the T-AGOS 23 SWATH ocean surveillance ship, the T-AGS 51-52 coastal hydrographic survey ships and the T-AGS 60-65 hydrographic survey ships gave NOAA confidence in our ability to build very quiet ships.
He cited Halter's experience in building the previous T-AGS 60 class vessels, T-AGOS 13 through T-AGOS 18 ocean surveillance ships, a T-AGOS 23 class SWATH ocean surveillance ship currently under construction, T-AGS 51 and T-AGS 52 hydrographic survey ships and oceanographic research ships, AGOR-23, 24 and 25 and NOAA-AGOR Ronald H.