T-AVBAviation Logistics Support Ship - MSC Manned
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T-AVB load planning is a time-consuming, inflexible process made more so by the high tempo of operations and pressure to execute operational orders in the time allotted in a time of war.
You would end up having a "container in space." Prior to TALPS, T-AVB load planning had always been done manually, (the "stubby pencil" method).
The purpose of the T-AVB AUTOMATED LOAD-PLANNING SYSTEM (TALPS) is to automate the T-AVB load-planning process.
Because of the unique mission of the T-AVB, all the template knowledge for any type of load the ship is capable of carrying is in the TALPS fact and rule bases.
From 1992 through 1997, the TALPS development team participated in every T-AVB training exercise as observers, interviewed all load planners involved with each exercise, and extracted knowledge from the few load-planning manuals that existed for the ships.
TALPS is reviewed after the annual T-AVB exercise and updated or modified as required.
The output is shown as a proposed load plan only because the one constant in T-AVB load planning is change!
TALPS was originally conceived as a tool to help the harried planner develop load plans for the T-AVB class of vessels.
Aviation Logistic Support Ship (T-AVB) Logistic Planning Manual, Revision A.
Cerkez is the recognized subject matter expert for the Marine Corps T-AVB ships and performs training on T-AVB loading and load planning and TALPS software operations and provides expert advice to Marine Corps planners on T-AVB use.
To overcome these challenges, in the mid-1980s, the Department of the Navy purchased the T-AVBs, and United States Marine Corps (USMC) aviation simultaneously introduced the MARINE AVIATION LOGISTICS SUPPORT PROGRAM (MALSP) (figure 1).
While employed in support of operations, the logistics plan of action calls for the T-AVB ships to be supported through vertical replenishment and by collocated combat logistics ships.