T-CARTribal Capability Assessment for Readiness
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En la figura 1 se describe los resultados de la FC por cada etapa con sus vatios correspondientes en la prueba en el cicloergometro y Km/h en la prueba T-CAR. Se puede observar en la prueba en cicloergometro en las etapas 2 y 6 los puntos de transicion de la FC (-) PIFC (122[+ o -] 12,1) y el (+) PDFC (170,1 [+ o -] 14,7).
Durante la prueba T-CAR entre mas alto el peso muscular mas bajo sera el valor de la FC por etapas en los deportistas universitarios de futsal.
Podemos observar que testes de campo compostos por estimulos e pausas como o teste de Carminatti (T-car), e o Yo-Yo Intermittent Recovery test, caracterizam-se por varios niveis de intensidade e de corrida, definindo-os como testes nao continuos e aciclicos.
Neste contexto, o objetivo do estudo foi avaliar a resposta da frequencia cardiaca em testes intermitentes progressivos, T-car e o Yo-Yo Intermittent Recovery test nivel 1 (Yo-Yo IRT1), atraves da determinacao das variaveis associadas ao ponto de deflexao da frequencia cardiaca.
Thus, the main difference between T-CAR and Yo-Yo tests, is that, during T-CAR, the distance increases as a function of the progressive stages (i.e.
THE new championship is the brainchild of the British Racing and Sports Car Club who see the T-Cars as a way of attracting youngsters into motorsport while making it as safe as possible for them.
Teesside teenager Simon Walker-Hansell leapt to the top of the Building Environmental Services Plc BRSCC T-Cars Championship with two hard-fought victories at Mallory Park over the weekend.
He passed his test in a 100mp T-car at the Castle Coomb race circuit in Wiltshire.
The company is responsible for shipping the teams' 33 race cars, three safety cars, 1 T-car, equipment as well as 10.000 tires and 198.000 liters of fuel to the worldwide overseas race tracks.
"I've had a couple of days there testing and getting to know a few lines," said the former T-Car ace.
Tenders are invited for 2 ea courtland shops t-car shop - door #11 mckeon model is3022-m-g insulated rolling steel door.
Tenders are invited for Electrical Repair Kit For Overhauling For Pho Of M-Ii T-Car. One Kit-Set Consist Of 26 Items As Per Annexure Attached.