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T-DAYThanksgiving Day
T-DAYTraining Expansion Day
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'T-Day is all about having fun and helping raise the pounds 2m-plus Ty Hafan needs each year to keep providing its vital support to children and their families,' said John.
'We hope this terrific theme will make T-Day our most successful event ever.'
It is thought unlikely that the precise date for Britain to formally join the single currency would be fixed at the time of the vote but commentators predict that the date, known as T-Day, would be within 18 months to two years, meaning the earliest entry date for a poll next May would be November 2004.
Each year, a different community in the Eastern Townships hosts the event and, in 2012, T-Day was held in Farnham on September 15th.
At T-Day, our Branch had a display table attended by Branch members: Adelaide Lanktree, Heather Darch, Gerald Thomas, and Michel Racicot.
It was their way to introduce Prince Charles and Camilla's "T-Day" or together day.
What we found was that younger shoppers were almost as irritated by high stacks of merchandise as older shoppers and responses on questionnaires completed before T-day (September 11) were no different on this item than those completed later.
Prince Charles' spin doctor Mark Bolland was the man behind the "T-Day" or together day for the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall.
A number of events were considered great opportunities for Prince Charles and Camilla's "T-Day," but they decided to have it on Annabel's day because she's a private individual.
Jim's take: The longest current T-Day losing streak ends.
Before T-day, about thirty percent of our shoppers said they expected to cut back on some spending because of layoffs and the economy.
In the aftermath of T-day, most all of the shoppers who talked with us expect to keep up basic spending even if they don't feel like it.