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T-DMBTerrestrial Digital Multimedia Broadcasting
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6 GHz) than the terrestrial Mobile TV (MediaFLO, 716-722 MHz, T-DMB 174-216 MHz).
The SMS1230 supports the major Global broadcast mobile TV standards of DVB-T, T-DMB, and ISDB-T, and, in addition, digital radio (DAB/+) and FM Radio.
T-DMB and CMMB (China Multimedia Mobile Broadcasting), for the country's national Mobile TV broadcast standard.
Streamezzo's technology is integrated into the new ETEN-Glofiish V900 mobile phone, which is designed to receive TV broadcast in T-DMB, but also supports the DVB-T (Digital Video Broadcasting Terrestrial) and DVB-H (Digital Video Broadcasting Handheld) standards.
22) In early August we learned that an agreement had finally been reached between TU Media and the T-DMB consortium to collaborate on the future of DMB 2.
DVB-H broadcasting services are available in various areas centered on Europe, while those using the T-DMB format have started in South Korea and some parts of Europe, according to Sharp.
Moreover, we are now well positioned to take the lead in the fast growing T-DMB market.
Key words: telecommunications and broadcasting convergence, emerging service, 4G Technology, T-DMB, S-DMB, WiBro, HSDPA, telematics, customer preference.
DIB10096 is also capable of demodulating other TV standards like CMMB, DVB-T, DAB, T-DMB, or DVB-SH by simple software download; so offers a versatile solution for Huawei to offer this product with fast time-to-market anywhere in the World.
The first commercialised version is compliant with the most widely deployed current standards: CMMB, DVB-T, DVB-H, DVB-SH, ISDB-T (1SEG & Full-SEG) and T-DMB.
Beyond our leadership in transmission platforms for mobile TV, a broad range of Harris content delivery solutions for mobile TV will be on display, including platforms for DVB-H, FLO and T-DMB applications.
Some indication of the confusion about how to proceed even in Europe is evident from the fact that Bouygues Telecom has also opted to become involved in a T-DMB trial in France together with TV network TF1, broadcasting equipment maker VDL and Korea's Samsung.