T-HTamm-Horsfall (protein)
T-HTamm-Horsfall Glycoprotein (immunology)
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Andy Young, co-founder of Tonka Customs added, Im excited to see a project we worked so hard developing take the next step with a company like T-H Marine.
This is the 4th company acquisition in the past 3 years for T-H Marine, together with many product license acquisitions.
Huntley said, The acquisition of the Tonka Customs assets, along with our KVD Kong Extreme Electronics Mount, makes T-H Marine a leader in marine electronic mounting technology.
T-H Marine is known as the 'go-to' company when you need anything and all things boating!
the State of Tennessee, Jackson Kayak, Power Tech, Spro, Tuf-Line, Buckeye Lures, Hammer Rods, T-H Marine and Floatback Lures.
T-H Marine has been serving the recreational boating industry since 1975.