T-SQLTransact - Structured Query Language (Microsoft SQL Server)
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Free and advanced paid editions of the SQL code formatter offer powerful autocompletion and formatting of T-SQL code that replaces native Microsoft T-SQL Intellisense.
Batch-mode memory grant feedback: Previously, SQL Server took a cardinality estimate for a given T-SQL batch and then estimated the minimum memory grant needed for execution as well as the ideal memory grant needed to hold all rows of the batch in memory.
Its primary query languages are T-SQL and ANSI SQL.
dbForge Unit Test is based on the open-source tSQLt framework, so SQL developers can now benefit from writing unit tests in regular T-SQL.
A new public preview for a feature called Adaptive Query Plans, which enables much better plan optimization for certain T-SQL code, is now available.
This guide for database administrators and developers shows how to set up mechanisms for collecting performance data on SQL Server instances and databases, and also goes over methods for collecting data on individual T-SQL calls.
You have full support for SQL Server services, such as SQL Server Analysis Services, and SQL Server Reporting Service--and can also access HDInsight data using T-SQL and PolyBase, a feature of SQL Server 2012 Parallel Data Warehouse.
The author also explains T-SQL essentials, stored procedures and functions, triggers, advanced T-SQL and the reporting services offered by SQL Server 2008.
The new Unit Test tool is based on the open-source tSQLt framework and helps SQL developers to write unit tests in regular T-SQL, makes it easy to run automated unit testing of SQL Server databases.
Optimization, tuning and monitoring of T-SQL queries