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T-maxMax Temperature
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Or you could get the world's most powerful production scooter, Aprilia's SRV850 - at just under eight grand it's cheaper than the T-Max too.
The T-Max is one of the best maxi-scooters with its sporty ride and great build quality, and the high RRP keeps used prices up - great if you already own one.
TIPA named the new KODAK Adaptive Picture Exchange (APEX) as the Best Retail Finishing System in Europe, and Kodak's new improved black-and-white film, KODAK PROFESSIONAL T-MAX 400 Film as the Best Film in Europe.
Buying new is out of the question forme - a 500ccYamaha T-Max now costs a shocking pounds 8,250.
Also shown will be innovative T-MAX P wiper turning inserts in two geometries, one for medium machining (WM) and another for finishing (WF).
Traditional products honored include Kodak Gold, Ektachrome, Ektar and T-Max films and Kodak FunSaver 35 cameras.
Today Eastman Kodak Company (NYSE:EK) enhances its black-and-white professional film portfolio with the introduction of an improved KODAK PROFESSIONAL T-MAX 400 Film.
TO-220, TO-247, D3, T-Max, and TO-227 ISOTOP(R) Packages Available
One of the best performing tanning salons in the area, newly remodeled with several new beds, beautiful decor, 5 beds, 2 stand up, 1 spray air brush, T-max manager/ timers, 2 new 5 ton a/c's washer/dryer.
Tenders are invited for T-Max Inserts Neutral Lnux 191940 Sandvik Part No No.