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T-maxMax Temperature
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Or you could get the world's most powerful production scooter, Aprilia's SRV850 - at just under eight grand it's cheaper than the T-Max too.
The latest Former T-MAX bematic is ideal for very high production capacity per hour.
The T-Max is one of the best maxi-scooters with its sporty ride and great build quality, and the high RRP keeps used prices up - great if you already own one.
Coronado loaned Sky & Telescope a prototype T-Max, and I was immediately impressed with how much more detail I could see with it, especially on the Sun's disk, where previously invisible features came into view as I turned the wheel.
Asarco's Ray mine, meanwhile, has purchased 31 T-Max beds that will be retrofitted onto the mine's existing fleet of Komatsu 830E trucks.
T-Max 3200, Kodak's latest high-speed black-and-white film, was an instant hit with sports photographers, especially those who have to work in poorly lit high school gyms.
Also shown will be innovative T-MAX P wiper turning inserts in two geometries, one for medium machining (WM) and another for finishing (WF).
Quotations are invited for Purchase of T-Max Inserts For Lathe M/C Tpun 160308 , T-Max Inserts Spun 120308 3215 Carbide Tipped Tool Iso 2R 25X25 P30188100160000 , Carbide Tipped Tool Iso 1 R 25X25 P30 188100310000 Carbide Tipped Tool Iso 1 L 25X25 P30, Carbide Tipped Tool Iso 2L 25X25 P30 188100330000, Carbide Tipped Tool Iso 6R 25X25 P30 188100340000, Carbide Tipped Tool Iso 6L 25X25 P30 Opening date : 05 Jan 2018 Period of contract : 60 Days