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T1R1One Transmit Antenna, One Receive Antenna
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As shown in Table 10, there is a significant difference between negative control and T1R1 T2R1, T4R2 and positive control with mean difference of -0.2675, -0.2086, -0.2050 and -0.1481 respectively which implies that 1.5 % concentration of ointment applied to both Diabetic (T1R1) and Non-diabetic group (T2R1) and 1.0 % (T4R2) applied to Non-diabetic group are significantly better than Sterile water as to per cent of contraction of wounds over time.
"Taste is also important when it comes to the development of dietary habits and the sequencers discovered mutations in the panda's T1R1 gene which may affect its ability to taste meat, one possible explanation for why a potential carnivore would rely on a strict bamboo diet," said Bruford.
It turns out that pandas have mutations in both copies of a taste gene called T1R1, which encodes a protein that senses the savory taste of meat, cheese, broth and other high-protein foods.