T204Tupolev Tu-204 (airliner; Soviet Union)
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Box t204, Stroudsburg, PA 18360 (570) 421-1718 NOVAK & KOVALSKA ACAD.
A determinacao dos teores de extrativos soluveis em agua quente e do ciclo exano/etanol (1:1/ v:v) foi realizada segundo a norma TAPPI T204 cm.
-- T204 4x1GbE Protocol Engine is a four port Gigabit Ethernet adapter with full TOE and iSCSI acceleration, offering the best price/performance solution for IP storage networking systems.
The chemical composition of the beetle-infested lodgepole pine bark was determined according to Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry (TAPPI) Standards T264 om-82 (TAPPI 1982) and T204 os-76 (TAPPI 1976), which showed that this bark contained around 46.7 percent hollocellulose and 42.6 percent Klason lignin.
Line name Line designation Donor Genotype Harosoy L58-266 te1e2E3E4e5 Harosoy-T L66-707 Clark (T) Te1e2E3E4e5 Harosoy-E1 L68-694 PI 199.166 (E1) tE1e2E3E4e5 Harosoy-E2 L64-4584 T117 (E2) te1E2E3E4e5 Harosoy-e3 L62-667 T204 (e3) te1e2e3E4e5 Harosoy-e4 OT94-41 OT89-5 (e4) te1e2E3e4e5 Harosoy-E5 L64-4830 PI 80.837 (E5) te1e2E3E4E5 Table 2.
Hot water, 1 percent sodium hydroxide, ethanol, and ethanol-benzene solubility of untreated and steamed wood was determined according to TAPPI Test Methods T207 om-93, T212 om93, and T204 om-88 (28), respectively.
L62-667, an early-maturing [BC.sub.5] isoline of Harosoy, was developed by transferring the e3 allele from line T204 (Bernard et al., 1991).