T2ATotal Terrain Avionics
T2AThiophene-2-Acetate (microbiology)
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En engorde 8 tratamientos: T1: DICAL, T2: UP, T2a: BASAL + UP agua, T2b: BASAL, T3: UP4, T3a: BASAL + UP agua, T3b: BASAL y T4: BASAL.
Under BWH, ORs for metastasis were 4.6 (95% CI, 2.23-9.49) for T2a patients and 21.31 (95% CI, 6.07-74.88) for T2b patients.
Ektopik timus MRG'de T1A ve T2A imajlarda, mediastinal timusla izointens veya kasa gore hafif hiperintens, homojen bir yapi seklinde izlenir [7].
Yuksek hasta sayisina (5122) sahip Alman uroonkoloji grubunun yayinladigi bir calismada patolojik evreye gore T2 evreye sahip hastalar T2a ve T2b olmak uzere iki grup halinde karsilastirilmis (9).
It is noteworthy that GSTP1 appears to be methylated and silenced also in patients with low grade ([less than or equal to] 6) and low stage (T2a), confirming its involvement in early carcinogenesis and suggesting that GSTP1 alterations (methylation or expression) maybe considered as useful early diagnostic markers, so as to avoid unnecessary rebiopsies, as recently demonstrated byZelic et al.
Magnetic resonance imaging revealed contrast uptake [isointense on T1A images, hyperintense on T2A and T2 FLAIR (Figure 1)] leading to mild sulcal effacement and lesions which did not show diffusion restriction in relation with cortico-subcortical edema in the right temporooccipital lobe.
It localized in the left temporal lobe was seen as hypointense on T1A images and hyperintense T2A images with central cystic necrotic areas (Figure-1, 2).
Fifteen were initially candidates for active surveillance based on prior TRUS biopsy (cutoff was clinical stage [less than or equal to] T2a disease with a maximal length of cancer in each core [less than or equal to]2 mm) but elected for RP based on increased grade (n = 7) or volume (n = 8) of prostate cancer as reported by TMB.
GATA Haydarpasa Egitim Hastanesi Uroloji Poliklinigi'nde 2006-2012 yillari arasinda yapilan tetkikler sonucunda lokalize prostat kanseri saptanan ve definitif tedavi yapilacak hastalardan klinik evre T1C ve T2A, Gleason skoru [less than or equal to]6, PSA seviyesi <10 ng/mL ve iki veya daha az korda tumoru olanlara aktif izlem (AI) de bir secenek olarak sunuldu.
Histology confirmed a Carcinoid tumour (T2a, NO, Mx), complete resection at all margins with no evidence of small cell or large cell carcinoma.
* Treatment options can be tailored to risk strata, defined by the panel as low (prostate-specific antigen [PSA] 10 ng/mL or less, a Gleason score of 6 or less, and clinical stage T1c or T2a), intermediate (PSA greater than 10 and as high as 20 ng/mL, a Gleason score of 7, or clinical state T2b), and high (PSA greater than 20 ng/mL, a Gleason score of 8-10, or clinical stage T2c).