T2CTimer 2 Counter
T2CThiophene-2-Carboxylate (microbiology)
T2COne Transistor-Two Capacitor
T2CType 2 Cell Proliferation
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In three patients, focal lesions were not obvious on the DCE images; all these 3 patients had clinical stage T2c tumors.
Dubai will be the first city in the world next month to run a pilot of smart plates, testing the Roads and Transport Authority's (RTA) Tag2Connect (T2C) platform.
Low-middle risk is defined as follows: PSA [less than or equal to] 20ng/ml, Gleason Score [less than or equal to] 7, and clinical stage [less than or equal to] T2b; high risk was based on either one of the following criteria: PSA [less than or equal to] 20 ng/ml, Gleason Score [greater than or equal to] 8, or clinical stage [greater than or equal to] T2c.
Offering hundreds of cases and accessories, T2C is one of the world's best and most diverse tablet case distributors.
En las figura 1 se muestra el comportamiento cinetico de la perdida de agua en las semillas de arveja (Pisum sativum L.) de la variedad Obonuco Andina durante la fritura; demostrando contenidos iniciales de humedad del 68 % y reducciones significativas al final de los procesos (240 segundos) bajo las diferentes condiciones de estudio (presiones y temperaturas) en los siguientes porcentajes: T1a (81.13 [+ o -] 6.56), T1b (91.58 [+ o -] 8.76), T1c (95.36 [+ o -] 7.45), T2b (88.89 [+ o -] 9.56), T2b (92.56 [+ o -] 5.89), T2c (93.33 [+ o -] 11.21), T3a (92.20 [+ o -] 9.89), T3b (96.19 [+ o -] 5.78), T3c (97.37 [+ o -] 6.87).
and Macias, M., Virtual 3D controllable machine models for implementation of automations laboratories, in 39th ASEE/IEEE Frontiers in Education Conference, San Antonio, TX, 2009, Session T2C.
Clinical covariates included patient age at diagnosis (<55, 55-64, 65-69, 70-74, and 75+ years of age); serum PSA at diagnosis (0-4, 4-10, 10-20, and 20+ ng/mL); clinical tumor stage (T1, T2NOS, T2A, T2B, T2C, T3, and T4); and Gleason score (<7, 3 + 4, 4 + 3, and [greater than or equal to]8).
In 12th International Conference on Fiber Optics and Photonics, T2C.2.
Na mesma interacao apresentamos, tambem, exemplos de defesa, em duas situacoes distintas: na primeira situacao, o torcedor T2C reitera sua posicao de torcedor ao afirmar que ficara ao lado do clube, como mostra a entoacao de sua declaracao e o aumento da altura da voz (indicada no termo "SPORT!!!!!!!!") ao se referir ao clube pelo qual torce.
The high-risk group included men with stage [greater than or equal to] T2c, Gleason 8-10, or PSA [greater than or equal to] 20 ng/mL.
Approximately 15-30% of new PCa diagnoses are classified as high risk [2], defined by D'Amico as PSA > 20 ng/mL, biopsy Gleason score 8-10 PCa, or clinical stage [greater than or equal to] T2c disease [3].
Another 34 percent were "intermediate-risk" (PSA of 10 to 20, Gleason 7, and tumor stage T2b), and 21 percent were "high-risk" (PSA over 20, Gleason 8 or higher, and tumor stage T2c).