T2C2Transportable Tactical Command Communications (US Army)
T2C2Telemetry, Timing, Command & Control
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The 593rd ESC is not authorized satellite communications capabilities, such as the SNAP or its replacement the T2C2. However, as part of its communications mitigation plan, the ESC purchased one reset SNAP terminal plus optional attachments to make it a tri-band, tactical network solution capable of operating with current DISA networks and architecture.
Although the final prototype or vendor of T2C2 has not yet been determined, one potential version of the T2C2 Lite was demonstrated at NIE 14.2 in May at Fort Bliss, Texas.
T2C2 Lite is similar to the Army's legacy Global Rapid Response Information Package, a non-POR, suitcase-sized ground satellite capability, which leverages commercial satellite technology only.
"The Army has used expensive commercial bandwidth almost exclusively for more than almost 13 years now," said Tim Fitz Maurice, T2C2 lead for PdM WIN-T Increment 1.
While T2C2 Lite provides SATCOM to early entry teams and will be a pooled resource at brigade combat teams, the larger T2C2 Heavy provides a high bandwidth tactical network extension for small companies and small forward operating bases operating beyond-line-of-sight from their higher headquarters.
"Instead of companies only having radio communications, T2C2 heavy extends the WIN-T network down to a company FOB," Fitz Maurice said.