T2CASTerrain and Traffic Collision Avoidance System (avionics)
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When the TAWS portion of the T2CAS computer detects that the aircraft does not have sufficient climb capability to clear the terrain by a standard vertical recovery maneuver, it generates a unique identifiable "Avoid Terrain" aural-visual alert.
The growing list of T2CAS customers includes Aero California, AVITEX, Gulf Air, Federal Express, Marinvent, Mesaba, Northwest Airlines, ONUR Air, QATAR, Royal Brunei, SUKHOI, Swift Aviation, the U.
T2CAS is an avionics system that combines aircraft performance-based Terrain Awareness Warning System (TAWS) capability into the TCAS 2000 line-replaceable unit (LRU).
Unlike other TAWS (Terrain Awareness Warning System) products, T2CAS is a true terrain avoidance system that bases its operator alerts on an aircraft's actual ability to climb at a given moment - not based on predetermined computations.
Customs Service selected T2CAS and Mode S/IFF for their P-3 aircraft," said Joe Hoffman, president of ACSS.
ACSS products include the TCAS 2000 and TCAS 1500 traffic alert and collision avoidance systems, a family of Mode S transponders, the T2CAS, a combined traffic and terrain collision avoidance system, and MASS, an enhanced TCAS system for military operations.
T2CAS provides aviation customers with a unique combination of functionality, along with optional GPS and Windshear, without the size and weight of competing systems.
The T2CAS combines our industry leading TCAS 2000 with Thales Avionics' 25 years of expertise in high performance terrain avoidance systems," said Joe Hoffman, president of ACSS.
T2CAS incorporates an important safety function, which eliminates nuisance conflict warnings and alerts.
T2CAS is also backward compatible for operators using ACSS's first generation TCAS II.
T2CAS combines ACSS's TCAS 2000 with TAWS and Windshear software developed and certified by Thales Avionics.