T2MTime to Market
T2MTechnology to Market (Utah)
T2MTalk to Me
T2MTemperature at 2 Meters
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Monthly T2M and PRE simulations from multiple CMIP5 models driven by all (ALL) and natural only (NAT) forcings during 1950-2005 were used in this study (see Table ESI in the online supplemental information for the model list and information).
To deliver an enterprise-class service to their customers, ThousandEyes helps T2M monitor the performance of third-party VoIP services in the cloud, such as Skype for Business, in addition to T2M's own hosted solution.
It is more challenging to demonstrate significant impact on precipitation forecasts by assimilating land surface variables, compared to the near surface forecasts, for example, T2m and RH2m, especially over the short time period.
Chlo: Chlorella sp.; Eutet: Eutetramorus tetrasporus; Apha: Aphanocapsa sp.; Oocys: Oocystis lacustris; Botry: Botryococcus braunii; Pptn-7days: Precipitation in the previous 7 days, T2m: Temperature at 2m depth, Dif2-10m: difference in temperature between 2 and 10m depth.
Table 2 showed that VAS, FRS, BRS and RSS values at T2m, T5m and T10m were significantly lower in group S than group C but at T20 all these scores were comparable.
While social savings is too narrow a methodology to assess the full economic impact of transport, Maw's alternative support for T2M is, conversely, a broad interdisciplinary view of transport history rather than a methodology per se.
(1) Department of Pediatrics, The University of Calgary, The Alberta Childrens Hospital, Calgary, AB, Canada T2M 0H5
Where, [eff.sub.hx_oil], is the heat exchanger effectiveness and T2m is the temperature of superheated refrigerant, [m.sub.oil] is mass flow rate of oil, [Cp.sub.oil] is specific heat of oil at constant pressure and [T.sub.oil,in] is the inlet temperature of oil.
I also thank Vincent Bignon, R6gis Breton, Jean Cartelier, Miquel Faig, Cyril Monnet, Casper de Vries, Christopher Waller, Makoto Watanabe, Warren Weber, Pierre-Olivier Weill, and Randall Wright for very helpful discussions and suggestions, as well as participants at the Symposium on Money and Banking (Rennes), Money, Macro and Finance Conference (Birmingham), Chicago Fed Workshop on Money, Banking and Payments, AFSE Conference (Paris), T2M Conference (Cergy), and seminars at University of Basel and University of Paris X.
Two Executive Place 1824 Crowchild Trail NW, Calgary, Alberta T2M 3Y7