T2PToryumon 2000 Project (professional wrestling)
T2PTransition to Production (computer systems development)
T2PType-Two Phaser (Star Trek)
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The T2P was distracted by issues that had occurred days earlier.
Once the T2P strapped into the right seat, he began the NATOPS crew brief.
The LSE arms raised and my T2P called "Feed tanks full, torques are matched, gauges are green, cleared to lift.
The T2P was still in disbelief of our current situation.
Mitigating Risk in IT Outsourcing: A practical framework for control and certainty in technology service engagements" is a vendor-neutral publication written by a T2P community member.
By approaching practices such as compliance, data management, e-discovery, IT project management, and performance management in terms of process and information governance, T2P helps organizational leaders find commonalities and optimization opportunities that span conventional business practices and operational roles.
T2P Rules & Standards Hub: a knowledgebase of more than 100 guidance documents information security, records management, IT auditing, IT investment management, and more
All T2P resources are free, many are collaborative, and each is vetted against hype and bias.