T2RTrouble to Resolve
T2RTrusted Transaction Roaming Platform
T2RTime 2 Reveal
T2RT2 Weighted Reversed (neurosurgery)
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There are few published papers from India on bullous lesions in T2R. (2,3) These types of lesions are of importance as they can be easily confused with various other vesicullobullous lesions of pemphigus, bullous pemphigoid and drug reactions.
Severe: If one or more of the following symptoms were present, > 10 reaction skin lesions, or ulcerating skin lesions, sensory or motor impairment, edema impairing face or limb function, nerve tenderness/pain on gentle palpation, paraesthesia or pain disturbing sleep or impairing function or involvement of the organs such as eyes, joints, testis, etc (in case of T2R).
Hence we considered it worthwhile to study and compare the clinical and histological features of lepra reactions and to document the histological patterns of T1R and T2R observed in the study population.
(9,10) Type 2 lepra reaction (T2R), an acute complication mainly seen in lepromatous leprosy, is also called ENL because it is the most common skin manifestation.
SW, Calgary, AB T2R 0S5; 403-244-5861; Fax 403-229-3108; lesliew@ grace.calgary.ab.ca.
SW, #1005, Calgary, AB, Canada T2R 0N5; 403-229-9456; info@outcastsoft.com; www.outcastsoft.com.
These discoveries, and the identification of additional T2R receptor-ligand pairs, are part of the company's ongoing program to identify mediators of bitter taste.
We welcome your feedback by e-mail (letters@westernstandard.ca) by mail (Letters, Suite 205, 1550 Fifth Street SW, Calgary, AB T2R 1K3) or fax (403-216-2277).
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Not surprisingly, the best results available at the time of writing this paper are obtained for the three rectified volumes (T1r, PDr, T2r).