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T2R1Two Transmit Antennas, One Receive Antenna
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All reactions contained 25 u l of 200 nM T2R1 F1 and R1 primers (Table I), 200 u M of each dNTP, 2 mM MgCl2 and 1.2 U of rTaq DNA polymerase (TakaraBio Inc.).
The 5'and 3'ends of the T2R1 cDNA were obtained according to the manufacturer's protocol for the RACE kit (Takara).
Specific primers (Table I) were designed according to the conserved regions of the T2R1 mRNA sequences from T.
The standard curve and amplification efficiency of T2R1 and [beta]-actin for RT-PCR were below: T2R1: Y=-0.319x+9.89, R2=0.996; [beta]-actin: Y=-0.324x+9.657, R2=0.990.
By cloning and sequencing, we obtained the candidate taste receptor T2R1 gene of T.
Differential expression of T2R1 in different tissues