T2TTreat to Target (inflammatory rheumatic disease treatment)
T2TTrash to Treasure (online forum)
T2TTransition to Teaching
T2TThe Two Towers (online game)
T2TTongue to Tongue
T2TTime To Talk
T2TTrade 2 Trade Segment
T2TText to Text
T2TTown 2 Town (discount program; UK)
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The CME T2T System is managed through user-friendly software interfaces.
Through T2T, Mobilink Torchbearers tutor students in Math, English and Science, while also making them aware of the professional opportunities around them through higher education.
Commenting on this student's mentorship program, Omar Manzur, Head of Corporate Communication - Mobilink communicated, T2T project aims to help students in terms of facilitation in continuing their education who need slight course to empty their weaknesses, while moreover helping them with comprehension and opening up entryways for them.
SW, Calgary, AB CANADA T2T 1H2 * Phone: 403-245-1196 * Fax: 403-244-4019 * recovery@recoveryacres.
Isolde currently includes three knowledge acquisition tools that extract task, domain and lexical knowledge from other sources: (1) the Text to Task extraction tool, T2T, which extracts knowledge from written text, (2) the UML to Task extraction tool, U2T, which obtains task information from Software Engineering models represented in the UML notation; and (3) the User Interaction Recorder, or UIR, which exploits a system's prototype and builds a task model by recording a user's actions while performing a task.
Lambert, Environmental Health, 4th Floor, Centre 15, 1509 Centre Street SW, PO Box 4016, Station C, Calgary Alberta, T2T 5T1 Canada.
Throughout the festival, Stocker kept talking brightly about the utopian possibilities of a networked world, but a devastating equation emerged from five days of symposia: b2b = c2c, but also t2t.
We call it T2T which stands for things talking to things, which started off as a joke, playing on the use of B2B and B2C, but the name stuck.
The nucleating ability of several of these diamide segments has been tested (4) and it has been found that the diamide segment T2T (see formula 1 below) is the most efficient nucleator of PET, with the undercooling ([T.
Kellner, Division of Infectious Diseases, Alberta Children's Hospital, 1820 Richmond Road, SW, Calgary, Alberta T2T 5C7, Canada; fax: 403-229-7665; e-mail: jim.
In the first step the ZMDI in-house tool, T2T (Technology2Technology), is implemented to convert existing IP and designs from one technology to another with respect to the process development kit (pdk).