T3EToxicomanie Europe Echanges Etudes
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For the evaluation of the total state of fatigue or level of capacity for mental work, the total AFT was calculated as the mean value of the AFIs in tests 1 to 3, except T3e.
The experiments were performed in a Parsytec Power PC, a Cray T3E, a Silicon Graphics Origin 2000 and a Digital Alpha Server 8400.
See Table 3 for test results from an SGI Origin-2000 at NCAR and a Cray Research T3E at NERSC.
6 million Cray T3E supercomputer to develop the next generation of environmental management tools.
OSC's computers and visualization equipment include Cray T3E and Cray T94 supercomputers, two SGI Origin 2000 servers, and several Silicon Graphics 320 and Silicon Graphics 540 visual workstations (Cray Research LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of SGI).
Under current VP of engineering Steve Oberlin, Cray will continue with the co-development with SGI of a next-generation ccNUMA products, while the Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin and Eagan, Minnesota plants will be responsible for the Cray T90, and the new SV1, SV2 and T3E.
They are used as a CPU both in workstations and in most of the current MPPs (DEC Alpha on CRAY T3E, SPARC on CM5 and PCI CS2, HP PA on CONVEX EXEMPLAR, and RS/6000 on IBM SP1 and SP2).
1992], and a machine with hardware support for implementing a shared address space, but no hardware support for caching remote data coherently, the Cray T3E [Scott 1996].
Four programmers spent a year preparing the software to run on an SGI/Cray T3E parallel supercomputer, replete with several refrigerator-size racks of workstations, at the Garching Computing Center of the Max Planck Society in Germany (SN: 7/4/98, p.
In this section we report the performance of our approach on T3E for three irregular programs:
Calgary, Alberta, Canada T3E 6X6, or dswenson@admin.
The Cray T3E will spend seven years helping 50 British boffins unlock the secrets of the universe.