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In a previous article, (7) the deaths due to a concurrent use of illicit fentanyl and a prescription opioid (T40.2 or T40.3) were not included in the calculations.
All drugs (T36-T50); all illicit drugs (T40.1, T40.5, T40.7, T40.8, T40.9, T43.6); all pharmaceutical drugs (T36-39, T40.2, T40.3, T40.4, T41-42, T43.1-43.5, T43.8-43.9, T44-49, T50.0-50.8).
Peyre, "Yb-YAG laser offset welding of AA5754 and T40 butt joint," Journal of Materials Processing Technology, vol.
Gold-NPs Temperature Concentration Particle Volume fraction ([degrees]C) (mg/L) size (nm) (x [10.sup.-5]) Au-NPs T40 40 21.3 8.92 0.1104 Au-NPs T64 64 13.4 9.80 0.0694 Au-NPs T75 75 10.8 12.87 0.0560 Au-NPs T83 83 9.1 15.07 0.0472 Au-NPs T92 92 8.6 19.73 0.0446
Prior to this emergency, the copilot had the T40 tactical screen selected on his primary flight display (PFD).
Two tigers, T40 and T21, have been missing since 2010 and three big cats, tiger T29 and two tigresses T27 and T14, have been missing since 2011.
His other results were: New South Wales Matchplay, Avondale, last 32; New South Wales Open Amateur Strokeplay, Killara/Monash, T21 (69,76), Lake Macquarie Amateur Open, Belmont, T40 (75,73,72,72), and Australian Master of the Amateurs, Royal Melbourne, T16 (69,73,72,71).
The Jaguar will be fitted with the Nexter T40 turret which will have a different configuration compared with the one seen at Eurosatory in June 2014.
The Atlas Copco SmartROC T35 and SmartROC T40 are the first surface drill rigs in the Atlas Copco family to give operators the option of running the rigs from either the cabin or radio remote control.
The eDrive testing solution combines HBM's T12 or T40 torque sensor, the most accurate torque transducers in each respective class; the GEN3i data acquisition system; and as an option the Quantum 1609B temperature satellite to provide synchronous, dynamic, and continuous acquisition of mechanical and electrical signals from an electric drive system.