T4STeams for Success (professional development; various locations)
T4STerminal 4 Satellite (Madrid-Barajas Airport; Madrid, Spain)
T4STrimmed Four Sides (printing paper)
T4SType 4-Specific (microbiology)
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Apparent nutrient digestibility of diets containing different varieties of faba bean straws (70%) and concentrate (30%) fed to Arsi-Bale sheep Digestibility (%) Treatments 1) T1M T2W T3D T4S Dry matter 54.9 (a) 56.6 (a) 55.5 (a) 49.5 (b) Organic matter 52.1 (ab) 54.7 (a) 50.5 (ab) 46.0 (b) Crude protein 60.3 (ab) 55.4 (ab) 54.3 (bc) 47.5 (c) Neutral detergent fiber 51.9 53.3 53.7 51.9 Acid detergent fiber 50.7 52.3 49.8 50.0 Digestibility (%) Treatments 1) SEM SL T5L Dry matter 54.0 (ab) 0.86 * Organic matter 47.8 (ab) 1.27 * Crude protein 61.9 (a) 1.32 *** Neutral detergent fiber 54.7 0.59 ns Acid detergent fiber 50.0 1.26 ns SEM, standard error of the mean; SL, significant level; ns, non- significant.
As I mentioned, Nighthawk sent me two T4s. One is done all over in hard chrome; the other is lightweight with an aluminum frame, and the slide, frame and other parts are finished in flat black Perma Kote.
Sendo assim, o objetivo do estudo foi verificar a relacao da idade, indice de massa corporal (IMC), pressao arterial sistolica (PAS), pressao arterial diastolica (PAD) e frequencia cardiaca de repouso com o indice vagal cardiaco (IVC) verificado atraves do teste de exercicio de 4 segundos (T4s).
Named Terminal 4 (T4), the new building is made up of three main modules and a satellite (T4S).
On the basis of their topcross performance, six lines were selected for each tester to form the following synthetics: CIMCALI97A SA4 (T1S), CIMCALI97A SA3-1 (T2S), CIMCALI97A SA3-2 (T3S), and CIMCALI97A SA3-3 (T4S) for testers T1, T2, T3, and T4, respectively.
The very fast T4s have to have firmer suspension to cope with putting 200bhp through the front wheels.
Con ([degrees]C) duct ivity ([mu]S/M) Alabama Sample number Colbert County - 29 February 11 Size More T4S, R9W, Sect.
make calculations, verify and reconcile file annual reports, including T4s, and generate year-end payments), perform fiscal year-end processing (i.e.
The 7 1/2-minute Castle Dome Peak quadrangle, Arizona, locates the Castle Dome district at T4S, R17W to R19W.
Population Collection information 118 San Bernardino Co., SSE of Yucaipa; T2S R2W S8 SW1/4 119 Los Angeles Co., NNE of Glendora; TIN R9W SII SWl/4 123 San Bernardino Co., N of Upland; TIN R8W S13 W1/2 124 Los Angeles Co., N of San Dimas, Tanbark Flats Experiment Station in the San Dimas Experimental Forest; T1N RSW S6 NW1/4 128 San Bernardino Co., N of Fontana; T2N R6W S25 SW1/4 129 Riverside Co., N of Banning; T4S R1E S10 NE1/4 130 San Bernardino Co., SW of Running Springs; TIN R3W S1 W1/2 132 San Bernardino Co., NE of San Bernardino; TIN R3W S13 SE1/4 133 Los Angeles Co., N of Glendora; T2N R8W 135 Riverside Co., NW of Idylwild; T4S R2E S6 SW1/4 136 Los Angeles Co., N of San Dimas; TIN R9W S12 SW1/4 [TABULAR DATA FOR TABLE A2 OMITTED]