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T50Time it takes for 50% of the stomach to empty
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Only 100 T50s will be built and they will be delivered in 2022.
The DOE model was used to look at ways to reduce the t50 time, while keeping the mold temperature constant.
Ministry of Defense said in a statement "The Air Force Commander received the Korean Special Presidential Envoy and his accompanying delegation at the Martyr Mohammed Alaa Air Base and held a joint meeting at the headquarters of the base, during which several issues were discussed, including the contract of T50 aircraft, construction and reconstruction of infrastructure at Swaira Air Base, ".
The BSA rejection rates of the PES/CA membrane (T50 and T60 series) formed by RTIPS were higher than that of the prepared membranes formed by NIPS process.
GA was the best variable selection approach for prediction models of density, flash point, T50, and biodiesel content.
The slump flow values and the corresponding T50 cm test results were presented in Table 2 and Figures 4 and 5.