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T80time at 80% Vo2max
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Bell Flow Systems distributes ECD's water quality instruments including T80 transmitters and the new S80 sensors.
Table 6: Coded coefficients of the linear model and p value ([alpha] = 0.05) with the variables: liquid and solid lipid ratio (SL: LL), Kolliphor P188 (K188), and Tween 80 (T80).
UV-visible absorption spectra were assessed by means of a T80 UV-Vis Spectrometer (PG Instruments Ltd.).
Hydrolysis of substrates were determined spectrophotometrically using T80 UV-Visible spectrophotometer, PG instruments, UK.
The Crewfit T80 Pro, part of the new Crewfit range is the first lifejacket of its kind to offer safe, stylish, comfortable and affordable solutions to the everyday recreational boater.
SIPA of Italy (sipa.it) will show off the SIPA T80, a four-station rotary one-step ISBM developed by Automa, which SIPA acquired last year (see January Starting Up).
On its stand will be a single-stage injection-stretch-blow (ISBM) moulding system, SIPA T80. SIPA is sharing its stand with Athena Automation, its partner in the development of the XFORM 300 and the smaller XFORM 150.
According to the source, Evolution Studios has been working together with Thrustmasters in order to make sure that the T80 and the T300RS racing wheels are compatible and in tune with the PS4 and "Driveclub."
Dicon Lighting Cielux T80 LED Track Light: The Cielux T80 is the first 80-W LED and CRI>90 track light to achieve 50 lumens per watt.
Sitting under the constant heat of the California sun, out of water and food, two out of my four Strykers destroyed, seven Soldiers dead, and surrounded by four battalions of an enemy mechanized unit, I sat in a wadi unable to move my platoon due to the threat of an enemy T80 or BMP tank near our defensive battle positions.
It's a mega production witb more than 200 people working on a stage where more than t80 original shows will be presented for audiences to enjoy.
In Table 3, we can confirm the points where the percentage of available nodes of the network is 80% (T40), 60% (T80) and 40% (T120), and 0% (T200).