TA-50Table of Allowances 50 (Army-issued individual equipment)
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In February 2000 the KTX-2 programme was renamed as the T-50 Golden Eagle, while a light-attack variant of the basic design was designated A-50 (later redesignated as the TA-50).
The next two T-50 prototypes, which were configured as TA-50 aircraft (see below) completed the four T-50 aircraft stipulated under the FSD contract (see above).
The 22 examples of the TA-50 ordered alongside the second batch of T-50s in November 2006 represented the LIFT version of the Golden Eagle.
The first production TA-50 was rolled out at Sacheon airbase in January 2011, with deliveries to the 115th Squadron of the 16th Fighter Wing at Yecheon airbase in the central RoK taking place between March 2011 and 2013.
The HHP, meanwhile, selected the TA-50 to meet its requirement for a light-attack and LIFT aircraft in August 2012.
In November 2006 the RoKAF placed another order for 47 TA-50s for delivery from 2008.
The 50th and final T-50 (not including the TA-50s that were part of the second RoKAF order) was delivered in May 2010.
The FA-50 s two other versions include the T-50B performance aircraft and the TA-50, a lightly-armed variant of the T-50.
From the current year, KAI, on the other hand, has started delivering the first set of 20 FA-50s, ordered for the South Korean Air Force in last year and the Indonesian 2011-order for 16 TA-50 planes.
The T-50 is currently in service with the Republic of Korea Air Force (ROKAF) as the T-50 advanced trainer and TA-50 lead-in fighter/weapons trainer versions.
A senior official of APAC Customer Business at Honeywell Aerospace, said Korea has shown its aircraft building potential by developing the T-50, TA-50 and FA-50.
Several nations aim to acquire the South Korean TA-50 light fighter jets, including Iraq, Poland and Spain, while the Philippines has already embarked on the mission.