TA96Telecommunication Act of 1996
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Survey of SSR and ASAP markers for chickpea: The twenty eight genotypes were screened with six primers, out of these, the polymorphic pattern by three SSR markers (TA27, TA96 and TA194) did not correlated with our phenotypic study while the other three (TA110, Tr19, TS82) correlated well with our phenotypic study (Fig.3) which have been mapped on linkage group 2 (LG2) in both inter and intraspecific crosses (Mayer et al.
(2004) found that Foc 2 resistance gene was located near two SSR markers H3A12 and TA96, at an interval of 2.7 cM and 0.2 cM correspondingly.
The TA96 provided the framework by declaring intentions to open regulated local and long distance markets to competition.
The FCC has proceeded to implement TA96 by requiring the BOCs to reduce their access charges in a series of steps over the last three years; they have been "unaccompanied by any suggestion that the FCC combine the reduction in access charges with a further rebalancing between those rates and basic residential charges" (p.
The three building blocks of reform in TA96 were local exchange entry, access pricing, and long-distance entry.
All that did and did not take place since TA96 has been consistent with the simplest of Chicago capture theories.