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TAATotal (Active) Aircraft Authorization
TAATrade Adjustment Assistance
TAATrentino-Alto Adige (Italy; autonomous region)
TAATraining and Assessment
TAAThe American Academy (online education; Salt Lake City, UT)
TAATemporal Anti-Aliasing (graphics processing)
TAATax Administration Act (various locations)
TAATerapia Asistida con Animales (Spanish: Assisted Therapy with Animals)
TAATime Account Adjustment
TAATerminal Arrival Area
TAATechnical Advisor Analyst
TAAType Access Analyzer
TAATactical Airsoft Arena (Rockville, MD)
TAATactical Asset Allocation
TAATransitional Adjustment Assistance (NAFTA)
TAATexas Apartment Association
TAATumor-Associated Antigen
TAATeaching Assistants' Association (Wisconsin)
TAATrans Australia Airlines
TAATrans-Australia Airlines (defunct Australian airline)
TAATrade Agreement Act
TAATechnical Assistance Agreement
TAATotal Army Analysis
TAATactical Assembly Area
TAATake Appropriate Action
TAATurkish-American Association
TAATechnologically Advanced Aircraft
TAATurkish Aeronautical Association (est. 1925)
TAATicket Agents Association (UK; entertainment)
TAATaiwanese Association of America
TAAThai AirAsia
TAATanzania Airports Authority
TAATerminal Arrival Area (aviation)
TAAThomas Alleyne Academy (UK)
TAATeacher Achievement Award (various locations)
TAATribes Aerial Assault (gaming)
TAATransverse Aortic Arch
TAATexas Aquaculture Association
TAATallahassee Auto Auction (Tallahassee, FL)
TAATrans Atlantic Airlines
TAATest Automation Alliance
TAATechnical Approval Authority
TAATachyarrhythmia Absoluta (cardiology)
TAATaos Art Association (New Mexico, USA)
TAATactical Air Army
TAATelecom Agent Association
TAATarget Audience Analysis
TAATechnology Assistance Agreement
TAATrack Access Agreement (UK railways)
TAATyler Apartment Association (Tyler, TX)
TAATechnology Area Assessment
TAATarget Aspect Angle
TAATemporary Accumulation Area
TAATravel Agent Arbiter
TAATactical Army Automation
TAATerminal Advanced Automation
TAATransit Advertising Association
TAATechnical Application Architecture (Sprint)
TAATeens Act for AIDS (est. 2005)
TAATelecommunications Associates of America
TAATanker Alert Area
TAATaekwondo Antibes Academy (France)
TAATurbine Alternator Assembly
TAATactical Automation Appraisal
TAATriaxial Angular Accelerometer
TAATactical Aerospace Assessment
TAATransmitting Antenna Array
TAATheater Area Army
TAATechnical Airworthiness Arrangements (Canada)
TAATeam Assignment Agreement
TAATime And Attendence
TAATransfer Allowed Acknowledgement (SS7)
TAATrack Acquisition Achieved
TAATraining Advisory Alert
TAAThoracic Aortic Aneuryism
TAATotal Army Authorization
TAATaiwan Architects Association (Taiwan)
TAATechnological Advances in Aeronautics (conference)
TAAToshima-Ku Archery Association (est. 1953; Tokyo, Japan)
TAATransmission Ability of the Atmosphere (meteorology)
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The news of the TAA approval is a positive step forward for their transition, and I will continue to work diligently with my colleagues to ensure these hardworking men and women are supported throughout this process.
The increased markers of lipid peroxidation and the decreased natural antioxidants in the testicular tissue supported the postulation of a direct toxic effect of TAA on testicular tissue via stimulating oxidative mechanisms (Kang et al.).
IFF said the acquisition of TAA helps to expand the company's large portfolio of offerings to customers in a truly unique way through print technology.
Le president de TAA, Nabhan Bouchaala a rappele que TAA, creee depuis 2 ans, a deja signe des accords de cooperation avec des Italiens et des Francais visant le developpement de la production automobile et le developpement de la formation qui represente un point cle pour la promotion du savoir-faire.
"Some visits also included music performances." Founded in 2015 off the back of Istanbouli Theatre, TAA is a youth initiative dedicated to reviving the arts in areas or communities in Lebanon that lack those opportunities.
To do so, the FAA amended FAR 61.129, dealing with commercial pilot-airplane applicants and required aeronautical experience, to allow any combination of complex airplane, turbine-powered airplane or TAA. The agency's definition of TAA, reproduced in the sidebar above, expands the previous understanding of what a TAA is, perhaps to eliminate steam-gauge airplanes--even if they are equipped with a two-axis autopilot, IFR-approved GPS and a moving map display, the three items formerly required.
TAA is the result of an internal joint-effort between Symantec's Attack Investigation Team, responsible for uncoveringStuxnet,Regin,Lazarus as well as links to SWIFT and WannaCry attacks among others, and a team of Symantec's top security data scientists on the leading edge of machine learning research.
Normal saline (0.9% NaCl) solution was used as vehicle and for dissolving TAA and plant extract (PE).
The distribution platoon and maintenance platoon were co-located with the BEB tactical assembly area (TAA), which was separate from but co-located with the brigade TOC approximately 5 to 7 kilometers from the BSA, which the FSC was also tasked to support.
After 16 years of leading combat operations in Afghanistan, we and our multinational allies are now performing a support role in training, assisting, and advising (TAA) throughout Afghanistan.
In this study, we investigated the effects of methylprednisolone (MP) on intestinal oxidative damage and bacterial translocation (BT) in thioacetamide (TAA)-induced liver failure in rats.
ApartmentsCareers.com has also invested $50,000 as a Sustaining Contributor to the TAA Education Foundation and NAA's Investing in Our Profession Campaigns.