TAABThick As A Brick (Jethro Tull album)
TAABTraditional Arts of the Altered Body
TAABTechnical Ad Hoc Advisory Board
TAABTravel Agents Association of Bengal (India)
TAABTasmanian Arts Advisory Board (Australia)
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Pyranine was used as the positively charged molecule, having [Na.sup.+] ions as charge carrier, and added to pregel solution to form the p-type PAAm gel, as discussed in detail in reference [28], Similarly, TAAB molecules, having [Br.sup.-] as negative counter ion, was added to the pregel solution to form the n-type PAAm gel.
Fibroblasts were dehydrated, embedded in Spurr's resin (TAAB Laboratories Equipment Ltd, Aldermaston, England), and examined under a CM12 TEM (Philips, Amsterdam, Netherlands) operating at 80 kV.
Teeth were subsequently longitudinally sliced, using a segmented, diamond-edged rotary saw (TAAB Laboratories, Berkshire, UK) and cooled with PBS, and the pulpal tissue was carefully removed intact using a sterile dental probe and forceps.
For each block, the 5th, 10th and 15th sections were mounted onto a microscope slide and stained with hematoxylin and eosin (H&E; VWR International, Pennsylvania, USA and TAAB Laboratories Equipment Ltd, Berks, UK) to give a total of 12 sections/ovary.
After fixing, the tissue was rinsed three times with 0.1M phosphate buffer, each time for 15 minutes, and then post-fixed with 1% OsO4 fixative for 2 - 3 hours and then dehydrated through an ethanol series, and embedded via propylene oxide in Taab epoxy resin (Taab Ltd., Aldermaston, UK).
The unit is shooting song sequences at choice Bollywood locales in the hill station such as 'Be taab Valley' (named after a 1983 film), Aru Valley and Chandanwari.
Yuav ca ntaaj, neeg xeev Hey everybody, to have a kuas tsheej, mus tau sawv better life, to improve our es, our situation, situation, Peb yuav kawm tau taab We have to study, keep meem, tsaab es xws ntawv this book close and safe, e.
One of the testes was fixed in 2% glutaraldehyde (Taab Laboratories, Aldermaston, England) in 0.1M phosphate buffer (pH=7.4) and placed in a refrigerator at 4[degrees]C for a maximum of 6h.
Ultrastructural Study: In day 15 after transplantation two treated animals were anaesthetized and perfused intracardially with 100 ml of heparin saline (0.1% heparin in 0.9% saline) followed by immersion in 200 ml of fixative solution that contained 4 per cent paraformaldehyde with 0.5 per cent glutaraldehyde (Taab Lab Equipment, Reading, UK), and 0.1 M phosphate buffer at pH 7.4.
After staining with 2% uranyl acetate for 30 min, individual embryo was dehydrated and embedded in TAAB Quetol 653 mixture.
(18) aib --> aibu /a.i.bu/ 'shame' baia --> bei /be.i/ 'price' iddaaa --> dai /da.i/ 'claim', 'demand' kaid --> kaidi /ka.i.di/ 'obstinate', 'disobedient' naam --> naam /naam/ 'yes', 'certainly' taab --> taabu /ta.a.bu/ 'trouble' za:id --> zaidi /za.i.di/ 'more', 'besides' It seems that where a borrowed word has three or more vowels in a row, some are deleted so that at most two remain.
Samples remained here for 48 h before beginning the resin infiltration process using TAAB medium grade resin.