TAAPToxicology and Applied Pharmacology (Journal of)
TAAPThe Autism Autoimmunity Project
TAAPTravel Agents Association of Pakistan
TAAPThe Anti-Abuse Project
TAAPTactical Air Armament Plan
TAAPTransmission Administrator Advisory Panel
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As the Khaleej Times report -- quashing the rumours -- was widely reported in Pakistan, the TAAP chairman told GEO that UAE had resumed issuing tourist visas for Pakistani nationals, claiming that earlier visas were not being issued due to a technical glitch in Pakistan.
The inductee must have a minimum of ten years of experience in the field and is a member of TAAP, and have provided significant contributions to the profession and the TAAP organization.
Previously TAAP, which represents more than 300 travel agents in Pakistan, provided a single large bank guarantee to IATA on behalf of its member's travel agents.
Once librarians and TAAP staff established a similarity in viewpoint and philosophy, they explored potential for shared goals.
The TAAP and TAAN work in opposite directions in the case of a contracting industry.
The infrastructure allowed exhibitors to capture and process information, and deliver it in real time via the TAAP system to each individual exhibitor's IT systems for immediate fulfilment and lead processing.
Iddi (1995b) reports on an innovative attempt by TAAP to sensitize not only development staff, but also men's and women's groups in five communities at a one-day gender awareness workshop.
TAAP should be made proactive, rather than reactive, where workers in industries which are expected to be adversely impacted are given training in skill areas expected to benefit from free trade.
At that time, TAAP was still in the beginning stages of development and had very limited TMS functionality, but held a lot of promise to evolve into a custom-built system that could accommodate all of HT-JCOE's training administration and assessment needs.
These appeals (TPL Appeal No 16/2010 and TAAP Appeal No 17/2010) were filed on March 1, 2010 against the order dated January 29, 2010 passed by a single Member (the 'Impugned Order') in the show cause notices Nos 56 and 57 of 2009.
For larger companies, a TAAP portal can be provided to send jobs to the devices in the field or the App can be used in a Pee2Peer environment with field workers sending completed jobs to a manager using the app to verify and store the data.
On May 25, 2010 hearing was convened before the Appellate Bench of CCP comprising CCP Chairman Khalid A Mirza and Member (Legal & OFT) Ms Rahat Kaunain Hassan in the appeals filed by TPL and Travel Agents Association of Pakistan (TAAP) against the order dated January 29, 2010 of the single member of CCP in which TPL and TAAP had been penalised for violating Section 3 (abuse of dominant position), Section 4 (prohibited agreements) and Section 10 (deceptive marketing practices) of the Competition Ordinance.