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(66) It will by now be clear that it is my view--and this is confirmed by the decision in John v Federal Commissioner of Taxation ('John') (67)--that tax avoidance is that which is struck down by the GAAR and the TAARs; and, axiomatically, it is always unsuccessful, always ineffective.
In vertebrates, they are coded by six major multigene families: the trace amine-associated receptors (TAAR) [5], the olfactory receptors (OR) [6], the type I and II vomeronasal receptors (V1R and V2R) [3, 4, 7], and type I and II taste receptors (T1R and T2R) [1, 2].
taar Many view Kelly as a callous murderer and criminal while others celebrate him as a folk hero and symbol of Irish-Australian rebellion against British colonial authorities.
TAAR FOR THAT: Adel Taarabt celebrates his second goal
HOT TAAR: Jamie Mackie grabs hold of QPR goal hero Taarabt after his first strike
I wrote an article in The Anderson Agency Report (TAAR) in August of 2010 citing those concerns and encouraging agents to focus on providing added value to the consumer.
He was cofounder, publisher and editor of the TAAR (The Automated Agency Report), the originator of "transactional filing," co-developer of Silver Plume, and senior vice president of marketing for Applied Systems.
Alone among the four varieties, Klk kept the open syllable *aa as in: taar 'star' < *taaro; baal 'hair' < *baalo; draa 'brother' < *bhraa, the exception being those (particularly feminine) nouns that developed umlaut: pheep 'paternal aunt' < *phaapi; mees 'maternal aunt' < *maasi; cheel 'she-goat' < *chaali.
DEF EAR: Jermain Defoe tussles with Stephen Pearson; TAAR MARK: Adel Taarabt is tackled by Craig Fagan
Taar, Agnes-Elsa (a-st 1933 kod-n Kajara, 1897-1976), kirjanik, 1950
These typically vary from 0.07 to 0.15 s (TAAR Safety Engineering, Inc., 1990).
Tenders are invited for ward no 9,10,11 12 me 10 meter lambe pol par taar anya sahit 90 watt led light work gst including