TAARATriple A Amateur Radio Association
TAARATrade Adjustment Assistance Reform Act of 2002
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The provisions of TAARA were extended by the Trade Adjustment Assistance Extension Act (TAAEA) of 2011.
En cuanto a la competencia comunicativa, en los pueblos encuestados se encontraron tres tipos de situaciones: a) lenguas que estan en serio proceso de perdida, con un alto numero de no hablantes, numerosa competencia parcial en lengua nativa y competencia normal minoritaria: ette taara, kofan, saliba y palenquero; b) lenguas por debajo del promedio de competencia en lengua nativa de los pueblos encuestados, con sectores significativos de no hablantes y de personas con competencia parcial, y competencia normal que apenas alcanza la mitad de la poblacion: wiwa y tikuna; c) lenguas fuertes, con alta competencia normal en lengua nativa y bajo numero de no hablantes y de hablantes con competencia parcial: tule, wounan, puinave, kurripako, sikuani, kubeo y tukano (Mincultura, 2009, p.
Hablan el idioma ette taara (lengua de la gente), el cual corresponde a la familia linguistica Chibcha.
Talkhoon -- daughter of a Marxist whose wife mysteriously left the family, granddaughter to a bullying woman who has time for only Taara, Talkhoon's beautiful sister -- longs for change.
CHANDANI, Taara. Lessons learned and recommendations for donors supporting microinsurance.
NCCI President Taara Shaanika said his organisation has supported the granting of infant industry protection for some of the sectors in Namibia, as this will allow them to take off.
Los ette se refieren a su propia lengua como ette taara. En la actualidad, cuenta con un numero considerable de hablantes que puede alcanzar las 800 personas, esto es, el grueso de la poblacion que afirma pertenecer a la etnia.
1) Paya (pech), 2) Rama, 3) Guatuso (malecu), 4) Huetar, 5) Cabecar, 6) Bribri, 7) Boruca, 8) Naso (teribe/terraba), 9) Changuena, 10) Dorasque, 11) Guaimi (ngabere, movere), 12) Bocota (guaimi sabanero, buglere), 13) Cuna (tule), 14) Antioqueno, 15) Chimila (ette taara), 16) Cogui (cagaba), 17) Damana (guamaca, sanka, arsario, malayo, marocasero, wiwa), 18) Atanques (kankuama), 19) Ica (arhuaco, bintucua), 20) Bari (motilon, dobocubi, cunaguasaya), 21) Tunebo (uwa), 22) Duit, 23) Muisca (mosca, chibcha)
It was staged, for example, by the drama club of the bicycle society Taara that was active in Tartu from 1901 till 1905 and was led by Karl Jungholtz, who was later to be the director of two professional theatres (Kask 104).
TOP THAT Warnock sees his side open up a two-point lead TOP OF THE RANGE Taarabt hopes to become a cult figure like Bowles (far left) and Marsh TAARA ATTACK Taarabt races off after putting Rangers 2-0 up following Hulse's opener (above)
Recorded in Paris, the 23 tracks on African Soul Revolutionary (Nascente Records) are taken from his albums, Wango, Taara and Jombaajo.
Mobilevirgin was able to catch up with the Senegalese group Taara, playing with guests at the Bluecoat - a great set, he says.